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IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference 2015

IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference Sustaining ecosystem services in forest landscapes concepts, research, and applications 23-30 August 2015 Tartu, Estonia FunDivEUROPE sucessfully applied for a symposium within the conference entiteld “Functional significance of biodiversity in European forests” The symposium aims to … Continue reading

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Annual Meeting

16-19th March 2015, Thessaloniki (Greece) Besides presentations about latest results from the project the main focus of the last annual meeting will be about synthesis of the data collected within the project.

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sDiv workshop

24-26th November 2014, Leipzig (Germany) A large number of studies have shown that biodiversity can promote ecosystem functioning. However most of the evidence for this comes from small scale experiments in short-lived systems. Forests provide a range of critical ecosystem … Continue reading

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Forests and Global Change

The Ecological Reviews series publishes a new book – “Forests and Global Change” edited by David Coomes (FunDivEUROPE, WP3 leader), David F. R. P. Burslem and William D. Simonson. The book synthesis forests responses to global change and includes two … Continue reading

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FunDivEUROPe at the First EU BON stakeholder roundtable

The first EU BON Stakeholder Round Table was held on 18 June 2013 at the Leibniz Association in Brussels, under the motto “Requirements for Policy”. For more information:

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Winter arrived….

Snow is covering the FunDivEUROPE plots in Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Romania. Larix sibirica covered in snow_Satakunta Experiment; Finland. We are looking back to a successful field season, were we kept true to our philosophy: All measurements on … Continue reading

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Forest management in times of climate change

The purpose of FunDivEUROPE is to investigate and quantify relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services in European forests. Further the project will address the question of how these diversity- functioning relationships are affected by disturbance and climate change. One way … Continue reading

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The baron in the trees

Il barone rampante tells the adventures of a boy who climbs up a tree to spend the rest of his life inhabiting an arboreal kingdom. Small wonder May Cherief has to think of this novel by Italo Calvino while watching … Continue reading

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Assessing herbivore browsing in forests: from bites to poo

Prof. Julia Koricheva and PhD student Harriet Milligan (RHUL) report on their work within FunDivEUROPE which assesses the effects of browsing by moose and deer on different forest types. -> more

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