Since the beginning of April 2012 our field workers and phd students are on the move throughout Europe to collect their data within the Exploratory Platform of FunDivEUROPE.

Some impressions:

Soil Biological Activity

In 2012, different tree species mixtures in six European forest were sampled to collect earthworm and microorganism data.


Group photo next to one of the many large oaks in Bialowieza forest. From left to right: Dawid Zielinski (Technician, University of Warsaw), Eric Van Beek (Technician, University of Leuven), Johan Coremans, Astrid Vannoppen (University of Leuven), Jakub Zaremba and his daughter (University of Warsaw), Hans De Wandeler (Phd, University of Leuven).

Dawid Zielinski and Astrid Vannoppen are taking soil samples for later analysis on microorganism biomass and metabolic diversity of the bacteria.

Hans De Wandeler performing a humus profile description while Astrid and Jakub are sampling earthworms.


Group photo nearby one of the forest plots. From left to right: Cristian Corsei (Student, University of Suceava),  Paul Iliescu (Game warden, Suceava), Hans De Wandeler (Phd, University of Leuven), Stella (Horse, transporting the necessary water for sampling), Vasile (the horse whisperer, Suceava), Sam Ottoy (University of Leuven).

On our way to some forest plots. Roads are steep, but views are wonderful.

Because of the recent droughts, a lot of earthworms where found in aestivation (dormant state).

Paul Iliescu in the field, sorting out earthworms from a soil sample.

© Hand de Wandeler

Leaf sampling campaign in Italy and Germany

© Filippo Bussotti

© Sandra Müller

Understorey sampling in Spain, Italy,  Germany

© Ines Carrascon Iglesias

Installation of digital time-laps cameras

© Daniel Marra (top left), Christian Wirth (top right),

Impressions from Romania

© Ian Seiferling

Impressions from Germany

© Ian Seiferling

Impressions from Poland

© Ian Seiferling

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