WP 5

This work package integrates the different data and information streams to perfom the general scientific synthesis of the project.

To achieve this goal, it will:

• synthesize and analyze the data of the Experimental and Exploratory Platforms with a focus on attribution to biodiversity-functioning mechanisms, temporal stability, multi-functionality and causal interpretation;

• compile forest inventory data, spatial data on soils and climate, and tree functional traits to test whether the patterns and mechanisms identified under (1) can be extrapolated to larger spatial scales;

• provide a model framework that (a) generates process-based null models against which the empirical findings can be tested, and (b) investigates the sensitivity of diversity-functioning relationships to disturbances and climate change;

• devise new silvicultural systems integrating key findings on the forest diversity-functioning mechanisms in forests to optimize the provision of ecosystem goods and services;

• formulate best-practices and recommendations to the European Commission on how to implement a large-scale, long-term European platform for functional ecosystem research

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