Knowledge Transfer Platform

Of paramount importance to fully exploit the capacities of FunDivEUROPE are knowledge management processes such as generation, storage and transfer of knowledge. Therefore, in addition to the three research platforms, FunDivEUROPE set up a knowledge transfer platform in order to foster (1) communication, aggregation and synthesis of individual findings in the Work Packages and (2) communication with stakeholders, policy makers and the wider public both during project life and after completion of FunDivEUROPE. After project life the key component in the knowledge management and transfer processes to stakeholders and endusers of knowledge generated by FunDivEUROPE will be the web-based knowledge transfer platform. The platform is designed to address the needs of policy makers and forest resource managers in managing forest resources in Europe to enhance and/or maintain ecosystems services, and estimating the effects of policy decisions and regulations on biodiversity in general. To approach the different target groups, the knowledge generated during the life time of the project will be made explicit in various forms. The knowledge transfer platform can be found here:

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