D1. 6 “Review Paper Apporaches”  -pdf-

Abstract: This paper first reviews the current knowledge on suitable approaches to study
the functional importance of forest tree diversity. Then, we present a new research platform with comparative study sites varying in tree diversity, replicated at a continental scale, and outline how it addresses many of the deficiencies in existing research. The paper further specifies the design and implementation of the platform, synthesises the specific hypotheses that can be tested and provides an outlook for scientists and managers. This report was adapted from Baeten et al. (2013) Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics.

D3. 7 “Water balance”  -pdf-

Abstract: Forest ecosystems are affected by drivers of global changes, such as climate warming. Drought alters forest ecosystems with profound consequences for the functions and services they supply. On the other hand, tree diversity has beneficial impacts on ecosystem resistance and resilience to environmental stresses and provides compelling management options for conserving and adapting forests to future climatic conditions. [...]

Our results overall highlight the complexity and spatial variability of the relationship between ecosystem processes and tree species diversity at the continental scale. Both should be taken into account in global vegetation models that aim to predict the effects of future climate changes on carbon and water cycles. The results are also of major importance for forestry as the beneficial biodiversity effect on drought resistance of forest ecosystems might not hold true for the boreal region and for the mixture of particular species in other growth regions.

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