Kobenhavns Universitet (UCPH)

Forest and Landscape Denmark (FLD) is a Centre within Faculty of Life Sciences,  University of Copenhagen. FLD undertakes research, education, and extension services within forest, landscape and planning. The centre has some 300 employees and an annual budget of about € 20 million. FLD has large expertise within research on C and N cycling including N deposition, land use change, soil type, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as affected by forest management. The centre has a long record in whole ecosystem research using long-term, large-scale field experiments and possesses the infrastructure for experimental work on tree species effects. Current research projects focus on climate effects on ecosystems, nutrient cycling, carbon-nitrogen interactions, carbon sequestration, soil GHG fluxes, and soil water quality, often addressed within the framework of ecosystem services. FLD has contributed to and coordinated many European projects regarding climate change, nitrogen and carbon cycling, and greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. FP5 projects: AFFOREST, NAT-MAN, WOOD-ENMAN, CNTER and GIANT ALIEN, has a leading role in ongoing FP6 projects such as SENSOR, EFORWOOD and NITROEUROPE-IP, and is a partner in FP7 projects GHG-EUROPE and MOTIVE.

More infromation: www.ku.dk

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