Universitatea Stefan cel Mare Suceava (USV)

The University Stefan cel Mare Suceava (USV) is a research and educational centre in the North of Romania providing various educational programmes to more than 13,000 students. Forest-related research is carried out by scientists from the Forestry Faculty. The research activities are structured to focus on sustainable forest management. Research fields cover ecosystem management, forest management planning and infrastructure, and forest policy and economics. The Forestry Faculty is member of the Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe of the European Forest Institute (EFI). The organisation has participated in research projects within Framework Programme 6 (GoFOR: New modes of governance of Sustainable Forest Management in Europe) and Framework Programme 7 (MOTIVE: Models for Adaptative Forest Management) and in different European research networks such COST Action E30 (2002-2006), COST Action E51 (2006-2009), and INNOFORCE, a regional centre of EFI (2003-2009). Beside the fundamental research, the applied research is well developed through the implementation of modern technologies in landscape mapping within the Geomatics Laboratory and in the Biotechnologies Laboratory.

More information: www.usv.ro

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