Uniwersytet Warszawski (UWAR)

Founded in 1816 the University of Warsaw (UWAR) is nowadays the largest and the leading university in Poland. UWAR has a very big potential in terms of science, research and human resources, and offers studies in several dozen of fields of arts and sciences: the integrated Master programmes (55,000 students), postgraduate studies (9,000 students) and 3-cycle programmes (2,500 students). UWAR employs 3,000 teaching and research staff being high level experts in many fields. The scientific profile of the University has been shaped by the structural, financial and organizational priorities aiming at promoting those research fields that are at the forefront of European and world science, with the strategic objective of making the University competitive on the global scene. The University promotes interdisciplinary approaches –  integrating research methods from diverse fields, and facilitates creation of multidisciplinary research teams able to tackle combined projects, exceeding the competences of individual departments or institutes. The state-of-the-art equipment (acquired recently by many departments) significantly facilitates research, expanding the scientific potential of the University. The faculty as well as the students enjoy now access to the most recent innovations in terms of research support, such as modern research laboratories, computer networks, multimedia technologies and advanced computer programming in a broad spectrum of applications. At European level a total of 56 European research projects were realised in FP5, about 70 in FP6 (some of them are still ongoing). In FP7 there are so far 24 currently running projects including two prestigious ERC Starting Grants and one ERC Advanced Grant under Thematic Programme IDEAS and other 10 are being negotiated with the European Commission. The University of Warsaw is actively involved also in projects financed by other international organizations or agencies (e.g. NATO, Howard Hughes Foundation, Welcome Trust, COST, European Science Foundation etc. – 35 running and over 15 under negotiations).

More informations: www.uw.edu.pl

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