Metsäntutkimuslaitos (METLA)

Organisation: The Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) is a governmental, sectorial research institute, subordinate to the Ministery of Agriculture and Forestry. It is the main forest research institute in Finland and one of the biggest forest research institutes in Europe. METLA’s duties are defined by the law and statute to promote, through research, the economical, ecological, and societally sustainable management and use of forests. The current research priorities of METLA are: forest-based enterprise and business activities, societal impact of forests, structure and functions of forest ecosystems and information reserves on forestry and the forest environment. Top-of-the-line facilities, resources and methodology are available for various project activities. METLA’s professional staff is one of its key strengths. METLA employs about 340 researchers, half of the researchers hold a doctor’s degree. METLA is nationally responsible for carrying out national forest inventories, for greenhouse gas inventory of LUCLUF sector, for compiling forestry statistics, as well as for a large part of national forest condition monitoring (e.g. Forest Focus and UN-ECE ICP on Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems).

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